Hobo City Comic (Print Edition)


A high quality 8.5″ X 9″ 28 page full color comic.

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The last humans eke out their existence in a vile place, a giant landfill. Is this limbo a penance, or the aftermath of a horrible accident? Their history has been washed away by strife, and all visions of the future curtailed by survivalist woes. Yet hope springs eternal from the alchemy of life. A new being emerges from this chaos. Does evolution seek to finally quash the tenure of human life, or aid and enhance it, heralding a procession out of darkness and into the light of a bold new symbiosis?

From the mind of conceptual artist Brendan Coyle comes a modern mythology developed over the course of 25 years of sketching, daydreaming, writing, and performance art. Hobo City is a rare combination of genres, a dark fantasy Focusing on philosophy and environmentalism. It is less a cautionary tale of some dystopian future and more an allegory for the precipice over which we are currently dangling.

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