Hobo City Virtual Book


This is a digital copy of Hobo City Volume 1 part 1 an introductory issue. Including cover pages it is a lush full color wide format 30 page comic that you can read here on this website in a 3D digital book display. Included on the page are a few downloads of hi-res content, such as a mysterious note from a clandestine villain and some photobashed desktop wallpapers of the stinking city itself.

Once purchased you will have access to the link at MY ACCOUNT where you can log in with the details emailed to you upon checkout. You can bookmark the comic in your browser and log in any time you return to it. Alternately you can always find the comic through the title listed at Coyle Cavern HOME.

Printed copies will soon be available in limited supply, you can secure your own signed copy by becoming a PATRON.



The last humans eke out their existence in a vile place, a giant landfill. Is this limbo a penance, or the aftermath of a horrible accident? Their history has been washed away by strife, and all visions of the future curtailed by survivalist woes. Yet hope springs eternal from the alchemy of life. A new being emerges from this chaos. Does evolution seek to finally quash the tenure of human life, or aid and enhance it, heralding a procession out of darkness and into the light of a bold new symbiosis?

From the mind of conceptual artist Brendan Coyle comes a modern mythology developed over the course of 25 years of sketching, daydreaming, writing, and performance art. Hobo City is a rare combination of genres, a dark fantasy Focusing on philosophy and environmentalism. It is less a cautionary tale of some dystopian future and more an allegory for the precipice over which we are currently dangling.


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