Artist Statement

Art is a process of discovery. Discoveries are not deliberately packed into the art, rather they are borne out of the composition of disparate elements. The laws of storytelling are modeled after nature, constantly revealing itself through causality and struggle. Symbolic characters are living thought forms that arise in the subconscious and interact in due course. In essence, making art is less an act of creation than it is the exploration of unknown territory.

I have set out to generate a mythological world befitting our time. Its past is fantastically allegorical, and its future a premonition of our challenges. Its inhabitants are reflective of our terrifying collective strength and our individual frailty. Through sculpture, drawing and writing, these maudlin, psychedelically charged characters have developed and matured, some have been with me since childhood. I spent a decade in New York and abroad actualizing them through dreamlike performance art pieces. Eventually a world developed around them and from there an entire fictional history. Now, humbly residing by a Victorian pond in Richmond VA, I am building a world.