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The last humans eke out their existence in a vile place, a giant landfill. Is this limbo a penance, or the aftermath of a horrible accident? Their world has gone out of their control. Their history has been washed away by strife, and all visions of the future curtailed by survivalist woes. Yet hope springs eternal from the alchemy of life. A new being emerges from this chaos. Does evolution seek to finally quash the tenure of human life, or aid and enhance it, heralding a procession out of darkness and into the light of a bold new symbiosis?

From the mind of conceptual artist Brendan Coyle comes a modern mythos developed over the course of 25 years of drawing, writing, and performance art. Hobo City is a universe contained in a graphic novel, taking form in a uniquely dark lore soaked in philosophical curiosity and environmental awareness. It is less a cautionary tale of some dystopian future and more an allegory for our real world precipice of doom.

As the graphic novel series continues, interludes in the timeline will reveal a fully developed world of ancient, modern, and post-human epochs. Its geography, species, civilizations with prophesies and culture all building to this final dystopian hour, with a pantheon of iconic entities waging a war on reality, provoking the greatest of questions. How does a world end, and how does it get reborn?

The inventions may decide the fate of the inventors. Living inventions walk the earth, willed into existence by human influence. One is a humanoid plant who seeks to bridge the disparate parts of itself and thus the world with a connection to the fecundity of natural life. The other is as oppressive as plague, all consuming, expanding and homogenizing. These are the rivaling successors of the mantle of humankind, who now hang in the balance of these forces, living in the last squalid city, a makeshift habitat in a wasteland of garbage called Hobo City