Early Comics

The first Hobo City / Mustard Man comics were made as experimentally as my performance art of the time, at least in terms of story. With characters, world, and a general power structure in mind, scenes and conflicts were birthed and put on paper through the tedious effort of traditional penciling and inking, scanned in and colored in the computer. However, to read it was like starting to watch a movie half way through, the plot structure was disjointed; ambitious but unfocused. Creating the pages of these scenes and self publishing them as individual comics helped me learn what was missing from the storytelling, and served as groundwork for the technical areas of production. Some of the scenes are also being recycled in the newly developed plot for Hobo City.  Below is a selection of favorite pages from the first four comics.


The style used for the covers was very different than the interiors, using photomanipulation and zero text or logos.


Another comic was in the making when I finally admitted to myself that the story needed more work. These are pages from unfinished comics and false starts. None of the work can be considered a waste, as all of this have been reconsidered as development of the story and ideas for scenes that will hopefully have more cohesion in the future iteration.