Salt Cocoon

An installation for Lumen Festival Staten Island 2012, held at Atlantic Salt. It consisted of a video projection embedded within a large mound of salt. The scale and silhouetted style of the projection created a convincing illusion that a performer was inside the salt mound. The character was a long beaked and feathered bird man trapped within a cocoon formed by salinated excretions from his beak, with only a frosted orb as a window to the world outside. This was part of a series of performances exploring dysthymia, a persistent cycle of depression.



A pyramid made from bars of Ivory soap. Made for Flux Factory Queens Self Destructing Art Show. Positioned above the pyramid was a cloud made of sponges, fed with a hose so that it rained on the soap and deteriorated it over the course of the exhibition. Review

Candy Corpse

A life size corpse made of candy for Verfall: Decadence & Decay a show curated by Ginger Shulick at Studio 150 in Staten Island. Review