My practice as an artist has evolved on different fronts, conceptual and methodical, as a living process of media experimentation. The scope of my work is a map traversing all types of visual, narrative and performative artforms. I am working to form a language honed at developing a mythological setting and a pantheon that elucidate nature idiomatically.

I have been developing this mythology in some capacity for more than half of my life, the characters have become real, the environs explorable. Because of the way ideas seem to grow from one another, I work from the perspective of an explorer rather than a creator. The development of a visual narrative is a decisive craft that translates a process of immersion into phantasmal states of ideasthesia, where instinct guides the discovery of subcognitive symbols.

I am influenced by the  forecasting tone of sci-fi, looking at the future or the alternate as a blank canvas. Amongst the din of a techno-revolution and its resulting cultural implosion, our most primitive forms of technology can go beyond the stage of self examination and be focused on creating a deeply meaningful and lucid tableau for an illuminated future.