the mythic artist

Media, and art. Things that are the same but different. The discourse of art and philosophy often concerns itself with things like these, the great dichotomies. No matter what you’re talking about there always seems to be two types of people, representing a category here, and one there, diametrically opposed. You consider the coin that spins and becomes a sphere until you become dizzy, until the truthiness is neither here nor there.

Welcome to blog post one. It will be the blog of a conceptual artist, a behind the scenes, on thought process and art progress. I will tangentially discuss what interests me, what drives my art, keeps me sane and makes me insane.

Is blogging art? I hope not. I already do art. Its because I do art that I am compelled to blog about it. I am compelled by the raging competition my art has from its evil twin media. Both are used to create something formidable, the most important thing in the world to us, a thing that is the world in a certain sense. Mythology.

Myth holds one definition as the opposite of the truth. Something that stands to be busted. A phenomenal falsehood, a sensational lie. It’s other definition is more than that, its a sort of analogous fabrication that echoes with truths that are otherwise difficult to articulate. You suspend disbelief for this, so that things camouflaged in the seamless experience of being within nature can become sharply defined. Vignetted within a colorful symbology comes forth the salt of life, the ideation of causality, and with it we are able to view and demystify paradoxes.

Media creates mythologies, on the other hand, where disbelief is not even invited. It insists upon itself. Irrefutable packages show up at our doorstep, problems accessorized by counterpart sought-after-solutions bound up together quite conveniently. No one is immune to stories, your identity is being modulated all the time. You are a dog being given a pill wrapped in peanut butter.

The a posteriori truth is a mulch that has been seeded with stories, and a verdant hinterland of possibilities sprawls before us. We survive on its fruit, we glut on it and shit out the seeds, furthering its fecundity. Information may or may not be true, but inevitably it becomes woven into our collective story, our truth, by hook or by crook.

As an artist one goal of mine is to provide my worldview to others in the form of a new mythology. It is the purpose of culture to evolve civilization. We nourish our concept of this world with the riches of our cultural history, and we have the brief opportunity to voice something relevant and true to us now, perhaps a message to the future, and at once an homage to the dead.

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